My Blog(s) and I ask myself "WTF"!

So lets recap the last year of blog posts, do you all feel like you have made a difference or at the very least made some type of significant contribution? I have some great friends and many new ones this year, I am happy you all are out there and still made a great effort to stop by. I hit the wall with a few successes and many failures as I begin to realize this site has been running for five years, yes five years. Am I where I want to be? Am I ready for 2014? I don't know, so many things changed from my books to my t-shirts and even my other sites. I have a plan for 2014, I have a goal... though life gets in the way and it always wins.

This for next week I will be sharing some of the photos from the anime convention "KOLLISON CON" I was able to attend last month. I wanted to give you a different side not only the cool people who dress up, I wanted to share the celebrities that attended. Now I have another convention that is this weekend, another anime convention "Con+Alt+Delete" and the plan is to share another side.

Have a great FRIDAY THE 13TH and weekend!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. The IWSG hit two years and we launched the website and database. Still supporting my friends by highlighting them on my blog and buying their books. (And cool t-shirts.) A to Z co-host. I hope all of that made a difference. That is what we are here for - make a difference in the lives of others.
    You're my best blogging friend, Jeremy. I'll always have your back.

  2. Don't we just hate it when life gets in our way?

  3. You have made a difference, Jeremy. Sometimes it feels as if you are a lone voice crying out in the cyber wilderness. Alex is a juggernaut, of course. I am leaning towards 2013 being my last year as a blogger and a writer. You are so creative and multi-faceted -- you hang in there. :-)

  4. I never know if I make a difference but you me! I love visiting and stalking and seeing new things that I would never get to otherwise! I think you're doing a great job, sir.
    NIN rulez!

  5. It's been a wild year Jeremy. Your blogs have really grown to me.

  6. J- you know how I feel. You make the world of a difference to me in so many ways. You're like my brother, you're always there, and you've done so much for MY blog and for me personally as a listening ear when the monkey poop is flying. And I love your t-shirts. PEOPLE: NOT ONLY ARE THEY FUNNY, VARIED AND AWESOME, BUT HIGH QUALITY AND COMFORTABLE. If you don't know where to start, I'm sure you've met Alex, so go with the Ninja Army. I get funny comments about that one all the time and can support three blogs all at once (I should make business cards to hand out...)
    Jeremy - love you brother. Glad you're on my side, and I couldn't imagine navigating the A-Z without our digital genius artist.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  7. You've certainly made a difference with your creative designs Jeremy.



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