Kollision Con: Amanda Lepre

With rich soprano vocals and aggressive, "pop-metal" acoustic guitar riffs, Amanda Lepre's music feels like strapping on armor and suiting up for an epic journey. Her driving melodies and lyric imagery make it easy to picture the heroes of classic literature and video games that often inspire her songwriting.

Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, Amanda Lepre (pronounced "leh-PREE") has been living and performing in Austin, TX for 9 years. She began her career by networking with Austin musicians at coffee shop open-mic nights and by playing small gigs in local venues. Over the past decade she has developed a stylistic niche and built an enthusiastic multi-city audience. To generate an even larger buzz, Amanda embarked on an East Coast mini-tour in April 2012, covering Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Amanda's first full-length album, Beneath the Forest of Error, was released in June 2012 under her own production company, Infermore Music. With 11 complete tracks, the album is a progressive, acoustic-metal journey of heroism, triumph, and despair, interspersed with numerous nods to The Inferno, by Dante Alghieri, and various other pieces of literature, pop-culture, and classic video games.
We recorded the whole concert, she was awesome... I hope to bring a lot of the concert to you all, for now please listen to her track "Slay the Dragon" below.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. I liked that. Think my wife would like it even more. Thanks, Jeremy - will check it out on iTunes. Her voice reminds me of Quarterflash's Rindy Ross.

  2. "pop-metal" ...That just is to cool!
    She sounds great!

  3. Thanks! I have something new to try out!

  4. I really like her. My oldest said, "What ARE you listening to??? I hate it." Good sign. The boy like dub-steb, among other eclectic stuff, but is a guitar player and music tech geek and is way too critical of others. I REALLY LIKE HER. Something about that song just grabbed me, and I want more. Thanks for the (very well written, btw) intro.
    And yeah, how about some wife news, eh?
    Tina @ Life is Good


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