A Hard Day's Night and I have been working like a Dog!

A Hard Day's Night: The lyrics speak about the singer's undying devotion to his lover, and how he toils so she can purchase the items she fancies. The singer sings about his tiredness when he comes home from work, but how the things that his lover does perk him up. Critics have pointed out that the first verse, repeated as the last verse, exploits three worn-out-sounding cliches, "a hard day's work," "working like a dog," and "sleeping like a log," only to quicken up the pace with a patter-couplet reassuring the singer's girlfriend that his energy and pleasure level have been renewed by her ministrations.

In 1965, for the television show ‘The Music of Lennon and McCartney‘, Peter Sellers recited the lyrics to ‘A Hard Day’s Night‘ in the manner of Laurence Olivier's famous performance of Shakespeare's Richard III.
So how are you, no really I have missed you all... 
So I ask "How are you"?

How are you all preparing for the upcoming holidays? Who are you looking forwarding to seeing? You get to send out a message to someone, who would that be? I hope to be back to a normal schedule soon, in the meantime I want you all to have a great day.

Also, if you aren't having a seizure to images above, please take them if you would like...
-Jeremy [Retro] 


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  1. I bet somewhere on YouTube is a clip of Peter Sellers reciting the song. Need to go look.
    Jeremy! Does this mean the worst of the crap is over? Are you still really busy with the freelance work? You need a break at Christmas, dude.

    1. freelance is over for now, well the big stuff... holiday stuff. my wife has to go in for surgery soon and we meet the surgeon today. my mother's move got postponed until this week, but we have not confirmed that yet either. so everything happens today for confirmation and the break is coming soon.

  2. Excellent song. hope everything works out for you, and your family. My mom recently was put in a nursing home. I live in San Antonio, she is in Houston ,so we are going to see her for the holidays.

  3. told ya it's better to be a cat than a dog!

  4. Hang in there, Jeremy. I just came through a difficult month or two myself (also involving a move for my mother), and then I went directly into additional work days and extended holiday hours. It's tough to stay Zen sometimes.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out and the awesome Beatles pics Jeremy. I've been good thanks for asking! I see the "I Just Gotta Say BAM... it's a Guy Post Ladies..." is trending. ;)

  6. I hope that is a break and not a break-down! You have to take a breather. I pray that your wife's surgery turns out successful. I hate moving. I hope all goes well for you this holiday season.


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