Kollision Con: Richard Horvitz

Fans of animation will recognize Richard Horvitz as the voice of many iconic characters, including INVADER ZIM, Billy from THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY, Daggett from THE ANGRY BEAVERS and Alpha 5 from the original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS.

In addition to Richard's animation work, gamers will recognize him from his many video game roles in such classics as PSYCHONAUTS (RAZ), RATCHET AND CLANK series (Zoni, Pollyx ,Zurgo) DESTROY ALL HUMANS (Orthopox) and SKYLANDERS(Kaos) to name a few. Richard began his acting career on camera and many may recall his role as Alan Eakian in the 1980's cult classic SUMMER SCHOOL.
I didn't know that... Richard was a very cool person and I stared at him like I knew him! I did, I did...
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. You're such a fan geek!
    Today was the announcement of the What Works fest.

  2. LOVE Summer School!
    The movie not the actual summer school, I did that in 6th grade and it stunk!

  3. Great post... and very informative....
    Been a fan of "Billy and Mandy"... for years...
    And enjoyed their class project in the film "Summer School"... the blood and gore when he enters the classroom....

  4. Awesome Jeremy! I'm always surprised people know Invader Zim since it was so brilliantly strange!


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