Happy Holidays...

Music was an early feature of the Christmas season and its celebrations. The earliest chants, litanies, and hymns were Latin works intended for use during the church liturgy, rather than popular songs. The 13th century saw the rise of the carol written in the vernacular, under the influence of Francis of Assisi.  In the Middle Ages, the English combined circle dances with singing and called them carols. Later, the word carol came to mean a song in which a religious topic is treated in a style that is familiar or festive. From Italy, it passed to France and Germany, and later to England. Christmas carols in English first appear in a 1426 work of John Audelay, a Shropshire priest and poet, who lists 25 "caroles of Cristemas", probably sung by groups of wassailers, who went from house to house.  Music in itself soon became one of the greatest tributes to Christmas, and Christmas music includes some of the noblest compositions of the great musicians.
Wishing you the best anyway you might be celebrating and thank you for another glorious year, you guys all make it worth coming back everyday!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Thanks for a history lesson on Christmas Carols.
    You look like one excited young man in that photo!
    You and your wife have a blessed Christmas, Jeremy. Honored you are my friend.
    And there is a Gogh'tcha Minions t-shirt awaiting my wife under the tree...

  2. Its heartwarming meaningful christmas celebrations have spread so much good cheer, so far to so many. Happy Christmas Retro.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, Jeremy - see you in 2014. Enjoy, make merry and be happy :)

  4. I know not what a circle dance is, but I wouldn't mind doing it!
    Merry Holidays, J-man!

  5. I do love me some church music. No matter the message its always beautiful.

    Merry and Happy, sir.


  6. How cool that we both did blog posts about holiday music. I remember that bit from the Dick Van Dyke Show. loved it.

  7. I used to play holiday music year round. But then, one by one those who I loved died -- all in the Christmas season, year after year. I only play new Christmas music -- it can help in dark times. May your Christmas be even better than you hope!

    Oh, oh! Clare Grant tweeted me twice today. How nice, huh? She didn't follow but maybe tomorrow, right? :-)

  8. Music makes the season!

    Merry Christmas, Jeremy!

  9. Merry Christmas! Wishing the very best for you and yours!


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