Smeagol: It's My Birthday...

It was the One Ring. His cousin Deagol found it in the bottom of the river Anduin and Smeagol (Gollum) killed him for it. One of the justifications was that it was his birthday and it was a present for him. The Ring is important because it is the pivotal reason for the entire book: the re-emergence and ultimate destruction of the Ring. 

So it's today and I thrilled to make it another year in my ever so changing life. I was off this past weekend spending a great deal of time with my lovely wife. I hope that this day is as special as it was this weekend, I wanted to let you know I had a great interview with horror icon ""Bill Moseley aka 'Chop-Top' Sawyer". I would love for you to go take a look at it [CLICK HERE]. Also I had only a half a post on the whole "Star Trek: Into the Darkness" DVD/BLU-RAY, I meant to have more and explain better... though it took on a life of it's own the comments [For More Click Here].

And last thank you all for stopping over to the "Book Tour"... as good friend Ellie let me play host on her wonderful site and the next will be about Angus [For More Click Here]. I am off to get my free haircut, ice cream cone and whatever you can get for it being your birthday! 

Yes, I am one of those people...
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. I think you said it is your B-day. If so happy birthday hope it was a great one. I tried to read the interview, but it wasn't there. I will check back.

  2. Already visited the awesome Ellie.
    And happy birthday to you! What did your wife get you for your birthday?

  3. Happy birthday! Here's to many more :)

  4. Happy B-day again, Jeremy, left you a present at Facebook :)

  5. Happy B-Day and may your Day be awesome..
    (if you happen to get a ring put it in fire first)

  6. Happy Birthday, Jeremy! May your presents turn out more healing than the One Ring!!

  7. Happy Birthday Jeremy and here's to many more!

  8. By all means take advantage of all the freebies you can get. I join birthday clubs wherever I find them.


    Tossing It Out

  9. Enjoy you're free stuff Dude and I'm looking forward to Angus!


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