Wrecking Ball! [By Invitation Only]

I am inviting you to the my party that is happening in the next few weeks, because I have the biggest balls of them all. I know you must think I am being dirty, well I am implying... not really saying it. So if you could have a ball and invite someone special, here is your chance... but here is the catch, it must be someone or someones that would destroy the place.

So here you go, invite two or more people that you would love to have at my big ball, I would like a big turnout so please share this post with all your friends. Soon I will compile a guest list for this ball, we will have a blow out, that will end all blow outs.

So SHARE THIS LINK, I want to see the list... come on it's fun. There will be streamers, balloons and some prizes! 

-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Can I bring all the Avengers? No wait! Superman. He destroyed far more than they did. And Godzilla. No one destroys more than Godzilla. Heck, let's pit them together in a fight and see what happens.
    That's my two!

  2. Does Margret Thatcher count, or is this a totally fictional theme?

  3. do people who come to the ball have to have big balls? What? I'm just asking......

  4. Thanos and Darkseid - so they can compare notes

  5. How about Ultron and Chameleon.

  6. I'm bringing Shelley Godfrey(Hemlock Grove) and The Giant from Twin Peaks(even though he was neutral or whatever, I'm sure he could tear some shit up :)

    1. Wait I change my answer... What how about one of those Kaijus from Pacific Rim? Now those can tear something up better than anything! But I'm still bringing Shelley Godfrey so we can do some ballet in your living room and wreck up the place.

  7. I'd invite Magneto and Wolverine. Those two have a lot of repressed anger and would tear that place apart. Fun game Jeremy!

  8. I'm bringing Wreck it Ralph! Duh!
    Tina @ Life is Good


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