SAY NO! to Star Trek Into Darkness [2013] dvd/blu-ray

I am tired of Paramount stealing from us Star Trek fans/followers... I have enjoyed many of the shows and films but now I have had enough. It's not bad that they charge you too much money for the regular dvds and most recently overcharge for the blu-rays on Star Trek: Next Generations. I mean I get it, but times have changed and we get we are lemmings for this stuff. Give us a break, so why do they give us nothing and then expect us to run around to purchase the three or more versions of the same film. 

Some of us like myself enjoy the extras and behind the scenes materials. Here is a something I found "CLICK HERE", now they could always send me different version and I would be happy to review it. Until such time I will be not getting this film until I find it used or on sale and trust me I am a fan of this film franchise. This has been going on with releases for sometime not just Paramount for sometime, major studios have shared in squeezing every penny out of our pockets. What they don't get is at some point we are just going to stop... stop seeing films... stop renting films... stop buying your products.  Watch out, we actually might... it could happen.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. I rarely watch the extras as most times they can be naff, I'm all about the movie itself!

  2. What annoys me is when the extras are a load of two or three minute puff pieces.

    I like it when filmmakers put some effort into extras and create half-hour or hour-long documentaries to accompany their movies. There was a time when comic book movies came with great documentaries about the comics they were based on, but those days seem to have passed.

    Surely Paramount could have scraped together something decent for Into Darkness? But then again the film itself is a bit of a turkey and perhaps they realised you couldn't polish a turd?

    At least the blu-ray sets of TNG have decent-length, original documentaries on them.

  3. Already happening, I thing. The Summer Blockbusters performed rather lackluster, falling well behind expectations--even big titles like Man of Steel. The reason? Who knows? But some critics have pointed the finger at blockbuster overkill in recent years stemming from the arrogance of the industry to presume that that a tipping doesn't exist between the crap the feed into the Movie-o-tronic 5000 and the garbage that's spit out the other side for us to watch. It would seem they were wrong. It seems audiences might be getting tired of these formulaic plots and it is beginning to show. It may be too late for the films slated to release over the rest of the year (although I hear Jackson re-edited some of The Hobbit based on criticisms arising after the release of the first installment), but I expect 2014's moviescape might change and the fevered planning of 37 more superhero films might get scrapped.

  4. I didn't buy the first. I definitely won't buy this one.
    Viva la revolution!

  5. I liked the first film, but not this one. And if you recall I said that it won't be as successful because they've focused it on Cucumberpatch instead on the crew and the crew was the key in the first film. And to make things worse, Abrams wants to put Cucumberpatch in STAR WARS too....

  6. I'm a little lost.

    Are you upset because they didn't put extra stuff on the DVD/BluRay?

    I know lots of people like that stuff. I do watch it sometimes but I don't base my purchase on it.

    People were disappointed in the 2nd movie. I thought it was entertaining but I would have liked to have seen more of the crew.

    Also, check your link to this page from your Twitter page. It didn't want to work for me.


  7. I disliked their cloning THE WRATH OF KHAN with their INTO DARKNESS. I probably won't pick up the DVD either. :-(

  8. I liked it and it made even more money than the first one.
    It's like with Avatar. I still haven't purchased the 3D version as I already own the first two DVDs.

  9. It is a ripoff. With Netflix and Hulu, the only reason I buy disks is for the extras. I am mad, but plan on buying the Best Buy version which I hope has concept art. Otherwise I'm screwed.

  10. You said it, Jeremy! The studios have been raping the wallets, pockets and purses of many a movie-fan for years and it's ridiculous because it's like they don't even respect the amount of support that audiences are giving to a film that most of them probably already saw. It's one thing to pay for a movie ticket when going to see it at a theater. It's a whole other ballgame to then go out and pay more money to own (or "collect" or whatever) a movie that one likes and would want to watch again. It definitely is bigger than Star Trek...they do it for many films but the more people like you who stand up to that crap and say you're not gonna take it anymore, the better.

    I too like the special features on DVDs and I have purchased used movies from other people who had a specific edition or release that I wanted but I think that it's nonsense to release several different versions of the same film...especially without adding anything new to the later versions. The music industry does it too (don't get me started on my failed quest to purchase a song in Japan because it was not available on the U.S. album or singles released by an AMERICAN recording artist...but I digress...) and I don't know which of the two industries have the worst offenders but it's up to the fans to decide what they're going to put up with and what they refuse to put up with.

    Stand your ground, man! Maybe one of these days, the studios will get a clue.


  11. I am a huge extra guy myself. I remember buying a version of Batman Begins and settled down to watch the extra to get, I think it was, a filmography. I'm with you.


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