September 20, 2013 @ Imagine Today "It's Time" Book Tour - Jeremy Hawkins

September 20, 2013 - Imagine Today

Another day, another direction... I can sing to this one, maybe you can too. I just wanted to remind everyone this is a fun thing and there is a giveaway. I have only a few official entries the whole time I have been touring, so look up top below the header... enter, you know you want to.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. O-kay! I believe you!
    Love me some BeetleJuice!

  2. Not even sure how you enter? Mind you, if it involves Twitter and Facebook, then I'm a non-starter regardless... damn that social media scene!

  3. Jeremy, I'd enter, but I have your books and want to give someone else a chance to win.
    But if there's a prize for visiting every stop, I've nailed that!
    And sorry, Kathy is featuring my book today. Now I feel bad...

  4. oh, it's Winona, everybody hide your wallets and jewellery :)

  5. and your post hasn't been added to that site today. I don't like such hosts :(((

  6. Dezmond, I noticed that, too. I got the switch-around that way once and it smarts. Jeremy, may your sales be great!

    1. I can imagine, Roland, and it is especially impolite when they publish some other author on the day they promised to you like this is the case....

  7. I visited her blog, but it's not there. She must have forgotten. One of Harry Belafonte's greatest hits.

  8. I'm sooo sorry Jeremy! I have it up now. I feel terrible!


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