Welcome... to Being Retro! -

I am no longer... the ZOMBIE, kids... Hopefully when you stop over it takes you to 

"BEING RETRO" that is: 

I also retracted to "Less Yellow", I know that some of you were getting bright yellow and I respect all your comments. I did not take into account that everyone has their monitors adjusted differently. It was a mustard color on mine, so we won't be trying that for awhile.

What are your thoughts?
-Jeremy [Retro] 


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  1. Just wondering what made you drop the ZOMBIE? I like the new tag of Being's cool. The mustard is alright too. It does show mustard on my screen and is easy on the eyes on your grey background.

    1. thank you... i was only bringing one type of crowd and many told me over the last several years that they don't like zombies. That they would not follow me, i am okay with that... I will still cover everything, just wanted to be more than one zombie stop... new name, new me... old stuff, being retro stuff.

  2. I like the new name and the yellow looks just fine. Easy on the eyes!

  3. you can still put mustard in the background of the whole blog :)

  4. No, this is perfect - the mustard and dark grey. Almost yellow and black! Perfect, Jeremy.

  5. Hey Jeremy,

    I thought I might as well um "jump" over to your site. Did that Van Halen reference work? Oh well, I like the yellow colour (color) oops and I'm really going retro and thinking of a song by Donovan..."they call me mellow yellow...quite right..."

    Nice one and enjoy your Sunday.

    Gary :)

  6. Thank you for toning the color down....looks good. That header, on the other hand, looks awesome! I really dig it. Nice job :)

  7. You will always be the Zombie to me!

    I like the new look!



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