Man of Steel: Retro-Style!

Here is the parts and pieces to the first appearance of this man they call "Superman"... so it's a short and long post today... if you by chance have one of these laying around, please feel free to send it to me. Thank you to the original poster of this, I got this a few years back... so you can read it, share it... save them for later.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Amazing simplicity. I love the style, although I do get a sense that in this 'strip', Superman is almost more vigilante than superhero - but that's only my initial impression.

    Saw the latest interview on tv last night with the current stars of the new 'Man of Steel' flick -I never knew the actor playing Superman was British!?

    Got to be honest, though, he does look awkward wearing a suit, and by that I mean his physique doesn't look right in a suit, but there ya go, you can't have everything I suppose ;)

  2. I'll send you one for Christmas.
    Can you imagine owning the first one? I wonder what it's worth?

  3. That issue is worth some serious cash!

  4. A the classic scene of Superman lifting the car Jeremy. That's a great flashback man. If I find one I'll send it your way...without ripping it of course.

  5. You could retire on what you could get for a mint copy of one of those! Thanks for sharing.


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