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Interrupted Your Regularly Schedule Program...
Greetings everyone who still stops by, I wanted to let you know I got the great opportunity to chat with some great people. Over at my other site: "" and I am going to be spending some time over there, so I can share it with you... and give these people the proper attention they deserve.

Also, those may have figured it out... I am multiple blogs and identities under each place I maintain. It really was more for me to silence the voices... no really it's because the other blogs are more family-ish forums. Here at "iZombieLover" it has more of a violent feel and I was concerned I would not be taken well by others. This "Zombie" place was a whim I had one day, and today is the most visited site I own. I love the fact it allows me to be creative and share my creations with you all, I thank you for the support.

If you would like to visit my main site: "" so you can have access to all, please stop by... befriend me at those other blogs...

Thanks Again,
Jeremy [iZombie]

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