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Hey Everyone,
My great friend Carl has started offering "T-shirts" over at his site "I Like Horror Movies"and I want you all you go over and pick one up. Support the cause, he is the King of Horror Reviews and the Master of "Horror Blogger Alliance". This means he has a full plate of a monstrous proportions, so i want to help him get his message out there. I did and I feel better knowing I did, and knowing is half the battle.


  1. I am a born horror movie lover . Evil dead and Saw is my favorite horror movie. I love to watch them in a dark room alone. That gives me a horrible feeling . But i enjoy it. I used to watch horror movies in Direct TV.

  2. i am riding the fence on above comment, i think it is a solid quote and a sneaky way to ad for direct tv... i have direct tv, so i am sold...

  3. Shit I just bough 6 direct tvs for the genius marketing alone! Thanks for the positive support on the shirts iZ, they wouldnt even exist were it not for some amazing artwork!!

  4. c-man,
    i give you all the credit... good luck on all the endeavors...


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