Rice Krispies Treats or It's in my BLOOD!

So a new year, new resolutions... what to do where to go? I have many things in my personal life, too many to get into and not that you have not got your own problems. I had a rough 2014, it's spilling into 2015... without control I am finding limited time for everything. I am going to ghost post for a little more time, I am happy you visit, I am happy you comment... you are my friends. I cannot let you down, your visits here are one of the few things in my life I still enjoy. 

After many times and attempts in life to do the right things, be successful in something... I find that I have been given a bad set of cards. I get into the water, I struggle to swim... eventually I drown, now that sounds a bit depressive and somewhere deep down it is. I try to overcome the bad stuff by just moving forward, sometimes I have a good day and sometimes not. I am trying something new, finding something in "just having faith" I  can be guided to just be the best I can be... for myself. I am hoping for those who visit you have your own success and feeling of being whole... those like me who are searching... you are not alone.

So a late "Happy New Year", for those who need a hug... I send it, for those who don't need a hug... I squeeze tighter. Be the best you can, you are the best and strength will come!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Jeremy, if anyone needs a good 2015, it's you.
    You will never sink and drown, my friend. You always have us, and we will not let you go down alone.

  2. I echo Alex's words - you're never alone buddy - like it or not, you have created your very own personal army of stalkers (and the odd zombie) to keep pace with you.

    One thing I have learned over the last couple of years, whatever it is you are feeling that makes you disappear into a fog, you're not alone. In fact, there are more of us out there than you'd could imagine, but each has their own way of dealing with the crap life dumps on their feet, and you will find yours (if not already). Draw strength from that, but most importantly, from those around you who care and love you, be it family, friends, the local three-legged dog or your blogites. It's all good, and you just help to make things that little bit better - not only for yourself, or those in direct contact with you, but for others that come here to read you.

    Why do you think I spent money on your t-shirt, and I follow your blog - and sometime hassle you via the intyweave? You're a talented individual that has amazing skills and ideas I love and appreciate. I wear my Nexus with pride :)

    If truth be told, those of us with a creative bent suffer in one shape or form for our art - be it writing, design, painting, sculpting, knitting, singing... whatever. The creative mind is a delicate thing at best. We wear our souls on on sleeves for others to see and criticise. It's a wonderfully painful thing, a two-edged blade of circumstance. We're the glass towers of our own perfection, and as such we suffer the chips and cracks of life as it throws crap our way.

    But the reality of the matter is that our tower is stronger than anything life, or anyone else can throw at it - the only person capable of tearing your tower down is you. You are in control. No one else. Take the power from that thought and use it. It is easy to allow others and external forces to smother the light we burn inside us, but trust me, my friend, your light is strong and burning steadily. It shines out each time we visit here, and in part some of us are even guided by it.

    Darkness is a momentary thing, your light is a lifetime. It is yours, it belongs to you, you belong to it. With it there is nothing you cannot do.

    Onwards and upwards, bud :)

  3. First off, is that the new promo image for the new Spongebob Squarepants movie?
    Second, we your internet friends will always be here to suport you!
    Stay well my friend...

  4. I've been hungry for Rice Krispie treats for a long time. Now I really want some! ;)

    I'm so sorry that 2014 was rough and that it's already spilling over into 2015. I hope things change for you. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I hope 2015 brings you better things. Sometimes all you can do is just keep moving forward and take one day at a time.

  6. Each step forward is a victory -- besides, a moving target is harder to hit! Sometimes it all seems too much. But in most of the world people would be delirious to be where we are, problems and all. Yet, someone's broken leg doesn't make my migraine feel any better.

    Life is so random. You can just never tell when the cards will start turning your way. I pray that 2015 brings you Aces! :-)

  7. Jeremy, So sorry you had a bad year, wishing you a much better 2015. Sometimes a year is just best left behind, so here's hoping the new one brings you more of what you want and need in life.

  8. Hey Jeremy - seems you've got yourself a heavy load. Reading the comments from your friends above I feel there's some broad shoulders willing to help you along. I lend you mine as well.
    I find, as I make my way through life, those of us that wear the "it's all good" face while smiling through our inner tears do ourselves no favours. Truth is, Jeremy, by putting it out there, in that post, you give those of us that care about you a chance to reach out and let you know that in whatever way we can, we'd like to help.

    You've got my email - feel free to use it. I care. With hugs, Jenny


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