So This Is One Of My Photos!!

In a True Blue
I am in no way shape or form consider myself a photographer, this is one those shots that for me came out very cool. Dabble in a little color shift and a dreamy effect.... then of course having a great subject matter. More to come, I took a few photos and am preparing for the next group of my T-shirts to arrive at my door. I am sure I have mentioned having a store on line here, but did I mention... new stuff. Well it is coming soon, just waiting for the right moment.

I wanted to thank the newest followers and to my good friends who have made a mention about me and my little zombie site. You are all the best.

How many times have you watched "The Avengers" kind of like... how many "Wonka Bars" have you eaten or purchased... I think I am up to seven times. Bonus treat for me is that I won a Scarlett Johansson autographed card good friend Roland @ Writing In The Crosshairs... jealous? And... And... my great new friend Virginia Wright @ Her Blog... won some candy, book and some other great stuff. Now I know you are jealous... I feel awesome.

Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. Cool photo! I like the black and white. It makes it more dramatic.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. nicely done photo!
    And Kari Wuhrer told me to send you this pic:

    1. PS Yvonne's been at my place looking for you but you weren't there and she didn't want to wait ....


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