So Sunday was my Birthday...

Off With My Head...
So if there a Tuesday Post [this one is preset], I didn't die... I have this fear that every birthday I have some how it will be my last, some damn phobia I have. Does anyone else have this kind of fear or is this pretty common, there has to be at least one more loon out there. What are you afraid of?

So I am old enough to be a father, too young to die..
I also wanted to apologize to all me friends, I just had a good friend's dad pass away and though I was not there like I should... I found a certain memory of my father dying. This brought some good and bad things that I wish I could have changed, so my last Friday's should have said I was too say... "I won't be leaving comments anymore on sites with the CAPTCHA", I just wanted to clarify.

So I was dealing with my own demons, you don't know what you have have until it's gone! The short of it is I knew my father as a father, didn't know him as a man... when I realized it, it was too late. I regret not taking the time to know him, I would have liked as a friend... not just loving him like my father.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. Really sorry, Jeremy. Hate it when mortality starts to catch up with us and those around us. When we wished we remembered more.
    Find a way to enjoy your birthday tomorrow.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    I know the feeling - not so much my own mortality, but the fact that I can be considered "old" by someone like the brat I gave birth to.

    I turned 39 last week, so that is my last official birthday - from now on I will simply lie about my age. And I will accept "random" gifts on that particular day.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Harry.

    I am sorry it's been a tough few days for you. It's hard dealing with mortality and being reminded of those we've lost. A friend of mine is terminally ill and I haven't been there as I should - everything is coinciding with the passing of my father-in-law several years ago and as I work with her daughter, I've been giving all my support to her. I know I should be a better friend but sometimes it's too hard. Don't beat yourself up to much over this - you are only human.

  4. Happy Birthday Jeremy! Now it all makes sense. Virgos are a weird breed.
    I like us that way.
    Hope things start looking up and life starts evening out for you.

  5. sorry to hear the story about your dad, Jeremy. It is sad that most of us actually aren't close to our parents and never get to know them, nor they us. Those who have brilliant parents should never take them for granted.


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