Sex it up Wednesday... [Attention Spoilers]

I am on a weird schedule this week and I thought I would share the most inappropriate stuff I could find... so it will probably get the most attention cause the title alone! I also in my travels came across a handful of Hippie magazines from the late 1960's, so I will be sharing some of those pages... the one I found kind of neat was the ad for Jimi Hendrix playing in some venue... might have been big or small.

As you might have gathered too is there are no spoilers, just me being me... so if the title grabbed you "YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT"! Oh I wanted to mention I had over 250 Spam comments in less than two weeks, Blogger is doing it's job...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

The Devil is David Grohl [The Foo Fighters]

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  1. Tenacious D was on Palladia last night with some other bands. Funny to watch Black and Gass on stage.

  2. The title worked! That skinguy will be in my nightmares. Maybe he lost a lot of weight?


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