Went on a Photo Shoot...

 The 5 is Silent
So my friend had a photo shoot in the rain yesterday and I tagged along cause I will make the pretty people prettier... He brought along his daughter who is my famed iZombie poster child here in the lab, and with some down time it thought the next crazy zombie creation... I found this plastic tube on a kiddie swing that at some point must have been clean and dry, but the result is creepy.  At least I liked it, so imaging you are being protected by this bubble from the bites of the child zombie... who only wants to eat your brains...


  1. I often share your tendency to see the zombie in everyday situations, especially after I saw Day Of The Dead and the doctor describes the zombies:

    "They are us. They are the same animal simply functioning less perfectly."

    Most often I'll get fanciful while I'm in a grocery store or Walmart, watching myself and others wandering the isles like high-functioning zombies :)

  2. i know, zombies just don't start off gooey or gross, it takes some time. vincent i totally agree, sometimes i think the world is a zombie or the silly lemmings...

    thanks all for the comments.


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