What Scares You...

I often wonder what really scares me and how I try to avoid those few fearful things...

01. Drowning
02. Suffication
03. Prolonged Death [ie: Bullets, Knife Wounds... and the two above]
04. Falling from a very high place
05. Bugs and Spiders

So what scares you in real life?


  1. I think you nailed the top 5 most feared things by everyone. I once had an irrational fear of giraffes. It came after I saw War of the Worlds (the remake) and I thought they were the closest thing we have to those tripods. Then I almost got broken in half by a giraffe neck. Those things are all muscle and weigh more than 10x my body.

  2. Drowning and falling scare the hell out of me!

  3. i guess it would be better than a monster ripping limbs off...

    when i was a child i got caught in the ocean's under tow... i could see the land, but could not stand up long enough to get there... my father ended holding me out of the water as he got hit by the waves... walking to the shore... we both barely made it out...


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