Give Me... The Cheese...

My great friend Matt over at "" gave a interesting challenge a "meme award" of sorts. Where I have to use a themed screen capture of anything...
I went with one of my favorite [non-zombie] original team of three..

Moe, Larry, Curly.... The Three Stooges


  1. thanks for the mention!!

    love your blog btw

  2. I grew up on The Three Stooges with my dad, used to love watching them before school each morning!

    Thanks for the support you iZombie lover you, I will see if I can come up with anything and get working asap!

  3. Great choice and I absolutely adore the Three Stooges!

  4. how come women don't like 'em... if you find a lady who like the stooges... swoop them up...

  5. Wow, thanks so much. And for the record am a girl (last time I checked) and I do love them. Makes me laugh. I do love to laugh.

    Thanks again for the mention. Really appreciate it.


  6. then look out frog queen... i think you are going to have a bunch of stooges knockin' on your door. lol

    all these wonderful blogs...

  7. Thank you so much! You honor me!!! I so enjoy your blog, keep it coming zombie dude!


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