So I Get These Email...

So this guy [who shall remain nameless] sends me this nice starting email about how cool my site is and i was feeling the love. Until the jackass turns a corner calling me names and bashing the fact that my "art/design" is photos of famous people. I know this, you all know this... hell even the famous people... know this. My intentions were clear from the start, I try to take normal stuff I find in the world and make it monstrous.

Now jackass has now hurt my feelings, I don't know why... I have been to his site, he posted something like two months ago. Why bother making comments or emails if you are going to just be mean, I can understand constructive criticism. I am very laid back and just trying to make this whole blogger thing fun, there are so many nice people I have met here.


Last thing I get this, "why is your stuff not scary anymore"... I respond look around there is plenty of things. So I gently gave him the proverbial finger and sent him this... so if you see this photo above with out "iZombie" logo... you have found Ted "Jackass" A.

Much Love to the Rest...


  1. What? Are you serious? That's so rude. You're not doing anything wrong. You're great! Do you want me to beat this person up? I'm small, but willing.

    I'm hear for ya, blogger bro.

  2. I find it odd that people have the time to give others shit...must be a lack of awesome on their part.

  3. To paraphrase Nick Hexum, "Fuck the naysayers because they don't mean a thing, this is the kind of style you bring."

    That's right....I dropped some 311 on ya'.

    Keep up the ass-kickery, iZombie!

  4. thanks all... the guy was a goon, i think i am going to take his thoughts as a helpful reminder that there are a-holed-bunnies-buried-in-the-backyard...



  5. As Ace Ventura said "La-hu-sa-her!" Let me guess, he sent it from an anonymous e-mail? Fuck him.

    Keep doing your thing iZomb. You da man and cool bloggers love ya. Remember that you never truly mean shit in life until you are hated on. So welcome to fandom, my man!


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