Excerpt from "Beyond Human"

“Who are you …I said who are you?”, Charley isn’t getting an answer.
“Come now Charley we really must be going, no time for such drivel”, the voice is still wiped away from the light.
“I knew it wasn’t such a good idea to sleep, now I’m hearing ghosts”, Charley feels an icy arm reach his shoulder. Grabbing it tugging him to follow the voice around such a bright light, Charley is hesitant to agree.
“Charley aren’t we here to help those need are help, so come on …someone is crying for us”, the voice slips off Charley’s shoulder and heads towards the front door. Charley begins to shake off that frigid feeling and stands to see the shape head out of the den. A slamming of the front door brings Charley to crack his bones from sleeping, the arch feels good.
“Wait, I’m coming with you …please tell me who you are?”, Charley has a feeling that somehow Peter was back, the voice was Peter’s he has come home. Crazy thought though to Charley, why not nothing is ever what it seems so go along with it we all have to go sometime.
“Peter how did you get back here, when did you …Peter stop running?”, Charley figures calling out to slammed door would get his questions answered. So he follows the streamline of the voices footsteps as they get faint around the block, Charley grabs his coat. Heading for the door Charley can hear the rain pour off the edge of the doorway, Charley turns the knob. Cracking the front door Charley sees the tip of a shadow turn a corner at the end of the long street, Charley steps outside completely. Charley feels the warmth ripped from the inside causing the mix of air collide with the toasted home.
“Oh my god it’s a bat”, the voice hollers. Charley clearly hears the voice. He knows he is home.
“Peter that is you, you son of a bitch …how the hell did you get here?”

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