Life is Good... A message from Tina, One Year Since She has been Gone.

Here is someone I never met, only knew for a few years and talked on the phone only in the last months of her life. We communicated via emails, then the texts and here is the last text we shared before her surgery and you may ask did I really keep this for a year? Yes... yes I did, Tina was such a great friend and influence as I was heading down a bad path in my life. Even when the life stuff got in the way for both of us, she managed to lift my spirits and for that I miss her. I often refer to this text, to see where I am one year later and it makes me remember...

I want to celebrate her life and let whom ever reads this, friends are still here when you need them... you just have to remember "no matter where they are, they still care". Tina was a great strong and loving person that was handed one job and that was to make many of us smile. 

Life is precious... Life is Good!


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  1. That's wonderful you made the video for her.
    Glad you kept the texts. I still have her last email to me, which was the night before she died.

  2. Great tribute for a great lady who deserves great tributes. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  3. She really loved the sunflower and reached out to all of us spreading the sunshine and all that was good in life. God bless Tina.

  4. I still like to read some of the correspondence I've had with her over the years. A bit of it always gives me a good laugh. Of course, its bittersweet. The text she sent you where she said "it's a break, not the end" is one outlook that lots of us could benefit from carrying with us when dealing with obstacles. You're such a trooper and inspiring in your own right.

    Tina does need a theme song. That would be cool. May she always rest in peace.


  5. I did not know her but she is one lady who has touched many souls and that is rare.I am glad you still have these texts and your memories. This is a beautiful tribute.


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