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But he would not allow himself to be frightened, and said," I must and will ride through it."

Then he took bear-skins and covered himself and his horse with them, so that the gold was not seen, and rode fearlessly into the forest. When he had ridden onward a little, he heard a rustling in the bushes, and heard voices speaking together.

From one side came cries of, "There is one!" but from the other," Let him go! 'tis an idle fellow, as poor and bare as a church-mouse. What should we gain from him? " So the Gold-Child rode joyfully through the forest, and no evil befell him.

One day he entered a village wherein he saw a maiden, who was so beautiful that he did not believe that any more beautiful than she existed in the world. And as such a mighty love took possession of him, he went up to her and said," I love you with my whole heart. Will you be my wife?"

He, too, pleased the maiden so much that she agreed and said," Yes, I will be your wife, and be true to you your whole life long.
I am so behind, missing a lot of my friends' post these last couple of weeks... been working many hours. So to my friends, sorry for the lack of everything... you know I care and wanted to say thank you to those of you who still find their way here!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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