Where do you see yourself on the list?
I am undecided...
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Ghosts could be real, but I believe a hundred percent in angels.
    Have a great weekend, Jeremy!

  2. Alien life forms are likely I think.

  3. Bigfoot is real if you believe "Six Million Dollar Man" but they're controlled by aliens.

  4. I can't think that we are the only life forms in our entire galaxy never mind universe. I believe there are ghosts or spirits and I believe in angels as well. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti or whatever he/she is would already have been found. I think Yeti is sunbathing in the Dominican.

  5. Well I have to live with "whatever" is in this house ... Ghost , Shadow-things or an evil / Demonic Spirit....
    That is just things that I know... as for Angels ... if Demons exist ( and we have had a few "encounters") then so should Angels..... Though never saw an Angel ... and wish that I could say the same about the other...
    Aliens ... Odds are They do.... for us to be the "only" place with "life"... not very likely ... so agree on Aliens...
    Big Foot ... Way too many sightings from all over the world ... Maybe some form of rather intelligent "primate" yet to be caught and classified ....

  6. The Famous Patterson footage ... is apparently "faked"....
    He had ordered an Ape suit (from Morris Costumes) only a few months before.....
    and the suit matches the Footage... so, that famous clip is "de-bunked"....

  7. Well, if angels are definitely real then demons are too. When you die, your spirit lives on...ghosts as in the Holy Ghost. Yetis, Bigfoot and aliens as in extraterrestrial beings have still to be proven and yet so many have seen them. I'm a G.


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