Super Bowl Sunday... and My TV is DEAD!

The game is on, the game is on... so is the 14 inches of snow... I am not getting a signal.... beep... beep... it's the end. So I only really watch it for the HALF-TIME SHOW and the COMMERCIALS, either way lets talk about the return of "THE WALKING DEAD". Have you been watching, waiting... hoping for it's quick return.

I have been slowly working on the updates to the A TO Z CHALLENGE [2015] and it's going to be a great year... if you don't know what the challenge is: [CLICK HERE]
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Have to admit, The Minions movie commercial was one of the best.

  2. I'm no longer lovin' WALKING DEAD, ever since they ruined this season with boring stories, lack of dynamics and shift from the lead characters to some highly insignificant ones. They ruined the one gem we had on TV

  3. Too bad about the TV Jeremy but some say the commercials are the best part.

  4. You know I'm always craving zombies ... Shouldn't be the other way around?

    Sorry about the mega snow. Stay warm up there! :)

  5. Yuck!! What a picture, I just find them so creepy! So sad about the snow.
    Have a great A to Z. I did it last year and hoping to do it this time too.


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