Welcome in November Moan or Fly You Butterfly... Fly!

Made it until the end of the month, were you scared? I will be picking a few winners to receive a free t-shirt from my Neatorama shop, I am hoping you will pick from some of the upcoming designs. So that would be cool, right... right?

What do we have planed for this month of November, well I am not really sure at this point. I am playing it all by ear, though there is so much going on it should be easy. I want to dwell into the crazy photos I have acquired over the years and show some weird stuff. There might be some images you have seen before, so I too make mistakes.

Hello, Everybody!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Would appreciate a free t-shirt of yours, but don't do it if the cost is too great.
    Maybe one of those new ones you showed me...?

  2. Love the RDJ photo. I thought I'd have a hard time seeing him play a different sort of character in The Judge, but he retained enough of his Tony Stark arrogance and smart-ass mouth to keep me happy. :-)

  3. Tony Stark is one of my favorite characters, maybe because of how snarky he is.

  4. Looking forward to the crazy photos Jeremy!


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