Rest In Peace...

Rest In Peace...
Sorry we lost a dear friend and composer the other day... Please click the image, read his works and listen to the track, THANK YOU. APRIL HAS IT'S TEARS!!

Schlock (1973) or is My Monkey on too TIGHT?

Schlock, a prehistoric apeman who falls in love with a teenage blind beauty and terrorizes her Southern California suburb. Schlock is no ordinary simian; he possesses some very unusual skills. Among other things, he plays the piano and gives TV interviews. In this hysterical spoof of early monster movies and missing-link science fiction films, John Landis pays homage to the monster movies of the past with irreverent humor and wacky hijinks.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. HA! Now I will have to go find this to watch.

  2. You got me with this one - never heard of it.

  3. I was in a blissful ignorance about this one till today... emphasis on blissful.... :)

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I've never heard of this but anything that's compared to Mel Brooks and Woody Allen must be pretty good.}

  5. Throughout my 47 years here on planet Earth, I have seen a hell of a lot of films, but this one has eluded my ever-prying eyes...until now. You see, now I have to see this movie. I must. Thanx for the write-up and for piquing my interest.

    See ya 'round the web. All Things Kevyn


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