...for a a friend, Tina Downey!

I just read (click here) the news today, you have gone... you were a friend when I needed a laugh, you were a sister when I needed to cried and you were... just there. Now you are watching over all of us, may your flight to heaven be a peaceful journey. Now sweep those damn flying monkeys out, share your kindness and humor with the angels.... Please, please... please watch over your family, they love and miss you something dearly! Peace, Tina... you are a person I will miss, we all will miss... thank you for always being so strong!


  1. We will all miss Tina so much - our snarky but sweet sister. Lord, watch over her family...

  2. Tina was a special person and will be missed.

  3. Can't imagine moving on without Tina. Thinking of her and her family today, and of course, crying bucketloads and don't care who knows it. Stay strong, Jeremy. You know Tina would want us all to pull together and do her credit. Hugs.

  4. Her family must miss her so. She was a star in blogdom. Now, she is a star in the heavens, the one that gives you hope and a light to steer by.

  5. I didn't know her, but I've noticed that she often commented at your Facebook, Jeremy... Such a sad thing... and a number of bloggers are battling cancers and illnesses right now... let us pray we don't lose any of them.....

  6. Thinking about you. I hope things are better.


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