Summer of the T-SHIRTS...Slipping through the trees Strangling the breeze!

This shirt gets me a lot of attention, it's not even an official concert shirt... I think. Also I think there is confusion, I didn't design these shirts... I am just sharing the ones that I have in my closet and the ones that are mine you know I will tell you. For Sure.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Rob Zombie - nice! Ever interview him, Jeremy?

  2. nice to see you back in the blogosphere! thanks for commenting on my bbf blog tour!

    that shirt is scary, and it makes me think of a conference i'm thinking about - not sure i want to go...! ah!

  3. You certainly make a statement with your T-shirts! Thanks for putting my audiobook on your FB page!! :-)

  4. Awesome shirt! I'm a sucker for a cool black t-shirt, and this one is uber cool!
    Maybe I should start sharing some of my black tee collection on my blog....
    Glad to see you out and about, and thanks for dropping by my blog and letting me know you're still reading my banter.


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