Devil Made Me Do It...

Okay looking down at my monthly post of posts and noticed something odd and weird, it is not just a normal day for the ol' Zombie... Today is different, today is not the same.  So join me on the other side of the fence for today I will make it my 666th Post...

Now I know why am sick, cause I am playing with the devil... so I am going back to bed and watch...

Devil's Advocate
Oh God, You Devil
The Omen
Race With The Devil
End Of Days...

Anyone else have any recommendations?


  1. congrats on kicking ass!

    My suggestion is out of sorts, but Constantine. The effects are lackluster and the cast sub-par, but Karl Hungus as Satan makes it worthwhile for me everytime...

  2. Woot, woot! Happy 666th post, I hope you have a devilishly awesome day. :D

  3. I am just about to hit 666 too! Congrats, or whatever the Devil would say about this...

    How about watching Constantine?


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