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UPDATE: iZombie Contest!

Yes, you think I forgot... well I did sort of... I wanted to let you all know I reached my 100th follower and that is part one complete. second part did not go smoothly so i am re-vamping the idea a little... I tried to make some extra cash to cover the items in this contest by offering you to get a piece of "zombie" art done by me... this if you participated got you one step closer to your chances increased... [See Rules]

Sorry the revamp... instead of buying your "zombie art" [you still can], I am going to place a "MUST COMMENT HERE", to be entered. When I reach "One Entry Per Person" comment that reaches 100 comments then it is done...

Hopefully this makes some sense, if not please ask me...


Ps. Added is the "Living Dead Doll" Siren "Rare" Black and White" Doll!


  1. Congratulations on 100 followers! 109 right now.

  2. yes, yes... i know thanks to your fan base... some spilled over here... which i am truly thankful for...


  3. Congrats on the followers! You have a great blog!


  4. Where Alex goes, people follow. I've gotten some new followers from both the blogfest this week and his guest posting on my blog last month. He is definitely a blogging all-star.

  5. I love that Living Dead Doll, I must have it!!

  6. I my god I want that doll (Siren) in the coffin. Can I win /buy her?

    Also, you are now at 110 followers. :)


  7. Just looking through some old posts today, love the Siren, I have Eleanor from the living dead dolls, actually got her as a Valentine's gift a while back. Oh and now you have 199 followers, just need 1 more to push you to the big 2-0-0


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