Despite all my Rage...

So I went to a small celebrity/art show near my home, which had a fee of 10.00 per person and I was completely okay with this. Until my wife and I got there and found it to be an elevator sized group of people, and some very cool people. Some highlights for me at least was Kane Hodder [Jason, Friday the 13th], Richard Kiel [Jaws, James Bond] and Felix Silla [Twiki. Buck Rogers]. Now the problem was this were and are important people in the industry that have fallen waste side to years and lack of working gigs. It was great to see all these people, but as I had said before thrown into this small sweaty room. Give these people some respect find another venue for these celebrities to breathe and not feel like rats in a cage. I didn't take one photo as I would normally would do, because I felt sorry for these people from the patrons to the celebrities.


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