iZombie - Wants To Sell You Something...

That is right boys and girls, I need to start bringing in the CASH or DONATIONS... because it is that time to bring you some of the designs. I can create, design or make art of any style you might have from business cards, t-shirts, digital retouching/restoration, etc. I am for Hire!

Also I can be fun at parties, hire me for you bash... and I can work from "The Lab". How it works... you all have digital cameras and can take photos from the start of your party or gathering, you send them I mess them up. I will sit in front of my work station during your party and you pay me a flat rate per hour... If you have questions email me.

Now you are asking yourself why the need for the change... I am without a job, and unemployment is running out. The is nothing out there at least that I can find, I am truly concerned about me and my blogs futures. One of the biggest issues was the computer break downs, I am going to have to replace the beast [Jupiter II] soon.

My art and designs are coming soon... available in 16x20 prints or canvas...
Also I am designing a t-shirt and offering it to anyone who wants something dark...

So if you have any leads or jobs please let me know...


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