Countdown to Halloween: Caption the Creepy or...The Alliterative Allomorph is Waiting!

Please add your thoughts to the image(s) above, grand prize at the end of the month for the most creative captions. Leave a name, email [if I don't have it], caption and have clean fun. You can do both, but it's okay for the "TOP" or "BOTTOM"... so let's get crazy, let's get nuts. 
Did you stop over and read my MURDEROUS post at Jessica Bell's "The Alliterative Allomorph"... there is still time.

All the beast!
-Jeremy [Retro]
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  1. I don't have any clever thoughts or captions, but good luck to those who compete for the grand prize. Sounds exciting.

    Happy Holidays.

  2. You bet I visited Jessica!
    Bottom one, said by the skeleton - And I would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!

  3. Caption for Image One: Dig it deep, guys. We've got to plant the Principal deep.
    Caption for Image Two: I think we planted the Principal too deep!

  4. the top image reminds us of an old rhyme ...
    "Stop play with you brother dear, it seems I've told you often,
    Stop playing with your brother dear, or I'll have to close the coffin"....

  5. looks like Norman Bates house in the background....
    Guess he hired some local teens to help him dispose of a "body"....
    and Mr. Cavanaugh had a great "caption"


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