Countdown to Halloween: Caption the Creepy or... Puts the Lotion on the Skin!

Please add your thoughts to the image(s) above, grand prize at the end of the month for the most creative captions. Leave a name, email [if I don't have it], caption and have clean fun. You can do both, but it's okay for the "TOP" or "BOTTOM"... so let's get crazy, let's get nuts.

All the beast!
-Jeremy [Retro]
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  1. The top image is someone's rendition of a Estaban Moroto design...
    We have the old horror comic and recognized the image...

  2. Bottom one - what do you mean mummy's behind me?

  3. why is walking in a bikini in an ancient Egyptian tomb?

  4. "Let me just put some lotion on you. It does wonders for my skin."

  5. Love the comments.

    First Image: I thought you said you wanted to know the real me?

    Second: Last time I go for a cheap massage!

    Have a great October. It is my birth month. When a teenager I always got the "Present" of painting the house it the great weather!! Ouch. At least I got a lot of fresh air.


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