Countdown to Halloween: Caption the Creepy or...Can You Dig It?

Please add your thoughts to the image(s) above, grand prize at the end of the month for the most creative captions. Leave a name, email [if I don't have it], caption and have clean fun... so let's get crazy, let's get nuts.

We made it, were you scared all the way to the end... did you dig my images and what are your plans on this night. I watch films, scary ones... well classic ones like Halloween and then work my way down the list.

All the beast and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Come on, grandma. We need to get you home...
    Images were great, Jeremy!
    Ready for you to unleash those new t-shirt designs.
    We'll probably spend the evening doing the same - watching movies. Although RiffTrax's movie last night was really scary - as in, how BAD Anaconda is. (Dude, you ever get the chance to see them live, GO!)
    Have a great Halloween, my friend!

  2. "Dear, you've overslept...."
    Happy Halloween from our "Crypt"

  3. Sir, some changes to the blog I see? Nice. Very Nice. Glad to see you are still busy and active.
    The Nexus T I bought is very much alive and kicking and sends its regards ;)

    Hope life is being kind to you and this finds you well, sir.


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