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Woof! Monday...

Sparky is a devoted and playful bull terrier whose sense of curiosity is matched only by his beloved owner, Victor. Sparky enjoys chasing after balls and being the star of Victor’s homemade movies. He exudes tons of energy and enthusiasm, which even his untimely death doesn’t diminish.
So here it is Monday... what do you all do? Clean the house or think about cleaning it, go to a movie... if so what did you see or just danced the nights away?
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. I think Frankenweenie is going to be one of Burton's best animated features since Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Starting Monday off with a puppy zombie is a great way to go. :)

  2. I remember the days watching the special features on Nightmare before Christmas saying, "they should really make Frankenweenie a movie", so I can't wait to this!

  3. I want you to know that I've actually tried watching an ACTUAL zombie movie. TV series. The Walking Dead. My PT and I share a love of sci-fi and continue to mourn the demise of Firefly...so when he said I had to see it, I thought, WTF, I'll try. Riveting and horrifying and I have to look away whenever the walkers feed, yet so well done and compelling I can't stop. But I've had enough. I can't Juno it. Remember the scene where there's blood and guts and gore and some woman being sawed/stabbed/drilled to death and they're discussing special effects? I can't do that. I can't tell myself, "That's not real." Because the people have become so real to me. I care what happens to them. I want them to find safety. I want Shane and Rick to just stomp all over that big elephant in the room and for Rick's wife to come clean. What they did wasn't wrong nor un-understandable - they both thought he was dead. (Don't feel like I'm doing any spoilers here since apparently the show is on season 4 or so and I've only watched 7 episodes.). But now there's little hope and their about to run out of gas caravan just drove off into the sunset, barely escaping you know where in time. I want to know what happens. But I don't think I can take it anymore.
    But that's not what you asked about. What do I do on Mondays? Chores. I literally take Sunday off, so there's a kitchen FULL of ignored dishes from the previous day, we're usually out of clothes, and since we were camping all weekend, there's extra laundry and the camper to clean. Usually I just wipe stuff down and vacuum it, but my brother-in-law is borrowing it and his standards of clean are light years ahead of mine, so I'm at least going to try.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Post A-Z Road trip!

  4. Already went to the movies. Think I'll write some more tonight.

  5. poor Sparky, is he the first zombie dog out there?

  6. Oh awesome! I cant wait for Frankenweenie. lol.

  7. We can't wait for Frankenweenie! Tim Burton has to redeem himself after "Dark Shadows" which was one of the worst movies ever.

  8. Jeremy, Frankenweenie will be great no doubt. I saw Amazing Spider-Man Saturday. It was very, very good. Everything everyone said it was.

  9. Sorry that this is completely off-topic, but we tagged you for a Liebster Blog Award:


    (If you don't want to pass it on, that's okay, just wanted to let you know (: )


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