Six Strings with... Ilan Eshkeri

 Ilan Eshkeri
So a couple of things, my list of interviews is reaching new heights by the names I am getting... one of the great new composers Ilan Eshkeri had stopped by the "Howlin' Wolf". Some of his more well-known pieces are
Johnny English Reborn, Coriolanus, Kick-Ass, Centurion, Ninja Assassin, The Young Victoria, Stardust, Hannibal Rising and Layer Cake.

Remember there is a giveaway over there and it's going to be the first of many as I plan to start giving up some of my prized autographs, art, books, cd and well you are just going to come and see.

The Duck Knight Rises
Over the weekend I had seen the "The Dark Knight Rises" my thoughts and prayers go out to all who were involved or are somehow touched by this tragedy [referring to the shooting]. I hope to share my thought on the film, but it is way too soon for me to spout out anything, until you should see it.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. the music in CENTURION and YOUNG VICTORIA was amazing, love his work! And I also love interviewing composers and talking with them about the sources of their inspiration.

  2. That duck reminds me of my garden....


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