Midwest Anime Convention [2012]

You Tell Me Who There Are?
Here is just some of the more popular photos that I took, I will have some more coming soon... that's if you should request more. It was a little odd for me I have been to conventions where people dress like everyone from super heroes to comic book characters... though here it was mostly Anime. I felt out of place, just a little and I found still had fun... that will happen when you can get a press pass! Everyone was very kind and generous to pose for me... sometimes I had to beg. Kidding!

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-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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  1. Jeremy, nice pics I always admire cosplayers for their dedication. Anime conventions always confuse me since I know nothing about the characters. The green haired chick in the French maid outfit is a good example.

  2. true... it is a free for all, be yourselves.. i just wished i wasn't such a mess that i would feel comfortable in a costume.

  3. notice the overly colourful carpet for such a setting LOL


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