The Best Movie Scores of 2018

The Best Movie Scores of 2018
by Jeremy Hawkins [Six Strings: Magazine]


01. Lost In Space [2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Christopher Lennertz
02. The Avengers: Infinity War [2018] (Hollywood Records) Music by Alan Silvestri
03. Marvel's Black Panther [2018] (Hollywood Records) Music by Ludwig Göransson
04. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [2018] (BackLot) Music by Michael Giacchino
05. The Meg [2018] (WaterTower) Music by Harry Gregson-Williams
06. The Nutcracker and The Four Realms [2018] (Disney) Music by James Newton Howard
07. Mission Impossible: Fallout [2018] (La-La Land Records) Music by Lorne Balfe
08. Solo: A Star Wars Story [2018] (Disney) Music by John Powell
09. BBC: Dynasties [2018] (Silva Records) Music by Benji Merrison & Will Slater
10. Equus: Story of the Horse [2018] (Milan Records) Music by Darren Fung


01. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald [2018] (WaterTower) Music by James Newton Howard
02. Halloween [2018] (Sacred Bones) Music by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies
03. Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves [1991-2018] (Intrada) Music by Michael Kamen
04. The Mummy Returns [2001-2018] (Intrada) Music by Alan Silvestri
05. Hellbound: Hellraiser II [1988-2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Christopher Young
06. One Strange Rock [2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Daniel Pemberton
07. Into the Badlands {S2} [2018] (Varese Sarabande) Music by Trevor Yuile
08. The Toybox [2018] (ScreamWorks) Music by Holly Amber Church
09. Doctor Who {S9} [2018] (Silva Records) Music by Murray Gold
10. Mary Shelley [2018] (Decca Records) Music by Amelia Warner


01. Not Afraid, Not Afraid [2018] (Caldera Records) Music by Gabriel Yared
02. Ghost Stories [2018] (Varese Sarabande) Music by Frank Ilfman
03. Dead Men [2018] (MovieScore Media) Music by Gerrit Wunder
04. A Simple Favor [2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Theodore Shapiro
05. Hunter Killer [2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Trevor Morris
06. Le Visionnaire [2018] (MovieScore Media) Music by Andrew Pearce
07. Rocket Gibraltar [1988-2018] (Intrada) Music by Andrew Powell
08. God of War [2018] (Sony) Music by Bear McCreary
09. The Lost Children of Planet X [2018] (Caldera Records) Music by Christopher Young
and Bob Badway
10. Molly's Game [2018] (Sony) Music by Daniel Pemberton


01. Killer Klowns From Outer Space [Re-imagined] (1988-2018) (Varese Sarabande) Music by John Massari and Friends
02. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988-2018) [Intrada] Music by Alan Silvestri
03. Dracula [1979-2018] (Varese Sarabande) Music by John Williams
04. *Batteries Not Included [1987-2018] (Intrada) Music by James Horner
05. Jim Henson's The Storyteller [2018] (Varese Sarabande) Music by Rachel Portman
06. No Way Out [1987-2018] (NoteForNote Records) Music by Maurice Jarre
07. Q: The Winged Serpent [1982-2018] [Kronos Records] Music by Robert O. Ragland
08. Dave Grusin: The Premiere Collection (And Justice For All, Absence Of Malice and Murder By Death & The Pursuit Of Happiness) [2018] (Varese Sarabande) Music by Dave Grusin
09. The Mummy [1999-2018] (Intrada) Music by Jerry Goldsmith
10. Horror Re-Imagined [2018] (Promo) Music by D for Disgruntled


01. AXL [2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Ian Hultquist
02. Cobra Kai [2018] (La-La Land Records) Music by Zach Robinson and Leo Birenberg
03. Clash of Futures [2018] (MovieScore Media) Music by Laurent Eyquem
04. The Incredibles 2 [2018] (Disney) Music by Michael Giacchino
05. Duck Duck Goose [2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Mark Isham
06. House of Cards (Symphony) [2018] (BIS Records) Music by Jeff Beal
07. The House with a Clock in Its Walls [2018] (Back Lot) Music by Nathan Barr
08. Howards End [Milan Records] (2018) Music by Nico Muhly
09. The Last Kingdom [2018] (Sony) Music by John Lunn and Eivør
10. Queen of the South [2018] (Lakeshore Records) Music by Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne


Harry Potter I, II and III [7Cd] Collection [2018] (La-La Land Records) Music by John Williams
Bram Stoker's Dracula (3Cd-Set) [1992-2018] (La-La Land Records) Music by Wojciech Kilar

There are so many scores/soundtracks every year and I love all of them, these of course are just the ones I feel I listened to most over the year 2018.  Once again... I really do love all the music, music friends and the composer friends I have made over the years. THANK YOU TO ALL THE LABELS, COMPOSERS, READERS and FRIENDS.

Jeremy [Retro]
I am everywhere: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, HWR: SIX STRINGS MAGAZINE and HBA [HORROR SITES]. Last visit MY T-SHIRTS STORE at NEATORAMA something always going on and it is one click away!


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