Friends Forever!... What Are You? I AM THE BATMAN!

Friends Forever and we have to say "good-bye"!  We don't have to forget... first crush, first super hero and another staple in my life... stepping away to the heavens.

Yvonne Craig (1937 - 2015)
Adam West (1928 - 2017)

-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. A Great tribute to Adam West with the Batusi. I must remember to dance like that when i am at some wedding:) I have to say the photo looks slightly porno to me:)

  2. Such a sad loss. Can't go wrong with the Batusi though!

  3. Yvonne Craig... mmmm...

    What's especially sad is that the only regular cast member that's left is Burt Ward, and the only supervillain left is Julie Newmar. Not that they're the ones that are left, but because all the rest have answered that heavenly Batsignal and have left us. I guess you never realize how much they meant until they're no longer here.

  4. Adam West - Thank you for entertaining us and Farewell.

  5. I don't fall in love with Batman...I wanted to be him! Hubby & I watch a lot of old western reruns and West appeared in many.
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