Sexy Zombies, Me and my friend JOEY FATONE [*NSYNC, Dead 7]!
Well, look we made another issue... it's a good one, some great interviews... and of course music, movies and mayhem! 

INFO: Here like we have said, it's a compilation of this website's items compiled... compressed into something more and we hope you stick around for all the changes. It's going to be a free styled magazine for those of you who like the read without all the fluff as this site has become. We want to give you what is out there, what is cool... who is cool and to do this we give you "SIX STRINGS". Featuring music, film, book, interviews, etc. hopefully you will find something great within the pages.

We love this stuff, so we share... thank you! Okay I met Joey Fatone for like two-minutes, but he was very... very cool and I have a new found respect. It's fun when you get to meet celebrities and then... they are awesome in real life, so please check out the issue. We are always looking for content and you out there who "write real good"... did I mention there are a lot of giveaways?
Hey, there are giveaways... 

-Jeremy [Retro] 


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  1. And you got your picture taken with him - very cool!

  2. A great post Jeremy, some of the music I know but others I don't.
    Hope you're well and take care.


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