Hate the CAPTCHA and The Walking Dead! Season 2 [Retro-Style]

So you might be aware of this but, I am back to my old love for "THE WALKING DEAD" and my little tribute site called "Hate the CAPTCHA". This Sunday marks the return of the show on AMC and I have been working the countdown to it, like the Superbowl of the undead... Still don't know who won in last weekend's game. 

So it's a simple place where you can caption the photo that is shared and best one gets posted and you will receive the honor of knowing you are the best. I am working backwards, so I started with Season I and now I am up to Season II... ENJOY, COMMENT and SHARE!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Millions of rapid fans will be tuning in Sunday night.
    And the Cubs won the Super Bowl. (Boy you know that's a lie, don't you?)

  2. It returns here next Monday! Can't wait! I do miss Rick!

  3. The worst part is it's hard to read all the zombie names. Fun stuff Jeremy!

  4. Good stuff, Jeremy! Love your T-shirts...might just get a few one of these days for my bff.

  5. One thing I like about the build up to the A to Z Challenge is the anti-captcha sentiments. And there's always readily available instructions on how to disable it on one's blog.

    Down with captcha!

  6. I can't stand captcha either. When I first started blogging, I thought I needed it for fear of being spammed, but, after a few months, I go rid of it. Nothing changed. I don't get any more spam than before.

    I'm super excited about the return of TWD. It feels like its been forever. Also, I love the Talking Dead after it.


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