May... "May" Bring you Happiness and Joy!... some Sadness!

In the last several weeks I have friends like Melissa and David lose their battle to Cancer, but hopefully they found peace. I am always reminded when my father passed, the Cancer took him over for years and his short 3 month visit from hospital to hospital... he finally met the end. We cried, we shared stories, I learned the man who was my father... was also a man, a friend. I found this too late as those 3 months was never enough time. My father's last whispered request to me, I remain strong... never show my emotions for him... keep my mother safe and never show I am not strong for her. It's been over 10 years and I honestly have respected his request, only once at the wake I made a contact with one of my cousins... where I welled up. Since then... not around people, not my mother.

I come today and I am sharing my tears... here as I type... we lost good friends, family... I am tearing in my heart as I prepare to visit our friends, sharing stories... jokes... last time we talked, saw them. Is there ever enough time, no... sadly no.

This is really a message to you, always say "good-bye", "I love you" and "you are my friend"... there are more sayings I am sure... Sorry for a sad post, really only a handful of people will see it, but it's high time you know... people are sometimes "once" in your life...

Be excellent to each other... - Bill and Ted!

May... "May" Bring you Happiness and Joy!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Very sorry, Jeremy. Hard to watch someone you care about go through that. There isn't enough time. We just have to make the most of what we have with someone.

  2. Tears are swelling in my eyes. I buried 2 family members so far this year and it is hard to be strong, when the heart is weeping. I like to think they are never gone, just transformed.

    Peace and light to you in your time of sorrow.


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