RESOLUTIONS... 2017, 31 Days Later?

So did you make any resolutions in the start of 2017, I sure did... and I haven't even started to follow them yet. I am a slow mover, like a turtle I guess... where I would love to be the crazy rabbit. So things that are slowly taking shape is the "BLOGGING A TO Z CHALLENGE [2017]" where in the past I was part team and I guess I still am. I was a CO-HOST for several years, designer and well just me. This year I am stepping back my duties to just "design" and I am thankful they still let me do my thing. I am thrilled and the first announcement for the challenge just came up on Monday this week, so please if you like a challenge... [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]. So why do you ask, my involvement is cut back...

Well, Six Strings eMag is going on it's second year and it's been received with mixed reviews, not in number counts (site visits huge)... download counts (seriously low). I am not sure why this is, it's designed for people on the move, have you ever taken a look at it. I have been wondering if it's necessary to continue the magazine, as it flops around like a fish looking for water. I have great writers, interviews, cool films, cool books, cool music and more... Anyone got any thoughts?

I do appreciate those who do take the time to read it, but I think I am just going to share the complete pages into the site... Don't get me wrong "I LOVE, LOVE" designing it, making it happen and getting to stretch my creative wings. I am giving it until June 2017, see what happens.

So the whole point was to talk about resolutions, so many make them and so many break them... where do you fit into that. WE ONLY FAIL, WHEN WE GIVE UP.. AND LOOKING UP, HOW CAN WE FAIL?

Have a great... great... great day, and soon another SIX STRINGS eMAG... will be here!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. I'm just hanging as a consultant this year and that works for me.
    You just haven't gotten it in front of the right audience yet. Need to find sites where the music, science fiction, movie, etc. people hang out and get it in front of them.

  2. Glad you'll at least be around for the graphics.


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