Welcome in MAY with OPEN ARMS!

Well, April started off to a bad note... one of my composer friends had gotten his home broken into and sadly the "humans" responsible ended murdering him. We only talked a few times, but you can really get to know someone... if they are cool and interesting. The music world has lost a friend, composer and at the hands of "monsters"! Coming to terms, my computer crashing, the AtoZ Challenge and life... it all became overwhelming.

Rest in Peace: Don “Terry” Plumeri

We do the best with what we have, I have you all, my friends, my family, my wife and the great ability to keep getting up every morning thanking the Gods to see another day.

We made it to May, so May treat us right... please do take the time to listen to the music below!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Beautiful music from a beautiful soul. For all the light we endeavour to bring into this world there will always be darkness lurking nearby.
    Those that bring the brightest of lights into our lives and are taken away are never truly forgotten, as we carry them within our souls.

    As for those who spread only darkness and evil, they have nothing but that great pit of nothingness to embrace and a shadow forever cast over them until the day they are no more. Until that time they have to listen to that voice inside their head, no matter how small or quiet, it will still be there, reminding them of their failure, lacking humanity and worthlessness right up to the day they die and the darkness claims them for its own.

  2. Oh my, this is horrible and so very, very sad. I don't understand this world sometimes. To pass away from cancer or a heart attack is bad enough but to know someone was murdered and one who has such a creative soul, is unnerving. I feel for his family and friends who have lost someone who created such inspiring works.

  3. So very sad to hear. What a terrible thing to happen. One doesn't often hear of murder happening to someone you know.

  4. Sorry for your loss. What a tragedy.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this Jeremy! This is so awful. I sometimes hate people. I just don't understand. Your friend sounds like a lovely man. Godspeed to him and may God rest his soul.


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