Welcome 2016 with a Duel of Lightsabers!

Well hello, here we are in 2016... where would you like to be, did you make any resolutions and thoughts you would like to share with others.

This year for this place is to fill it with all those things I promised to share over the years, my goal to open a folder share until empty and then throw out the original. Why, well because I haven't done anything with most of them and it's just space...

My resolution is too be more healthy, it's been like a roller coaster over the years and I need to be better... period.

Thoughts of turning off the comments, so you can visit without worrying I will be upset... life right now is at it's busiest for me as I have taken on more. More work, more freelance and well the darn health thing... I hope you all have had a great 2015, but let us lead into 2016 with a duel...

I just slapped you with the virtual white glove across your face, duel on! :)
-Jeremy [Retro] 


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  1. Happy New Year! Love to do more this year. Last year I felt like I didn't do much and was a resounding bore...I don't make resolutions but I always try to see what better I can do

  2. I'm a coward, and have backed down from your glove slap. No resolutions, gave that up many years ago. I definitely wish you good health this year Jeremy.


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