Blogging A to Z April Challenge [2016] is Upon Us... SIGN UP NOW!

Blogging A to Z April Challenge [2016]  

I am one of the host again this year, though I am not sure how I am going to pull it off... again doing a handful of the art/design... yes that stuff I do love oh, so much! All you need to do is "READ" the instructions first... some may forget and we get a whirlwind of request to fix their entry. So "READ" the instructions first... it's a challenge, not a easy-peasy event... Spammers beware, we are watching, so don't waste our time, long posts... please make them short!

So if you do join, well welcome aboard, follow the link above... I will be adding the link in my MENU just below the header soon.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Spam, spam, spam, eggs, and spam!
    And the Challenge sign ups are off!

  2. I've only ever run in to a few spammers. You guys do a great job cutting them off.

  3. I have had 2 spammers and I deleted them-outta sight!

  4. I love that skit. Time for the challenge again! I need to think of a theme. :)

  5. I'm up for it this year - but I will admit, I am finding the topic selection limiting. Any of you that know me will understand this - I'm a free spirit man! I won't be caged! ;)

    Good luck everyone :)

  6. I'm ready this year. I will never again make the mistake I did last year. I didn't prepare my posts in advance and it was one rough month. I was so tired at the end. It wasn't nearly as much fun because I didn't have time to meet new people and that's what I like about the challenge. Can't wait.


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