Effectively Human: 2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive #feedthehungryeh

Effectively Human:
2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive

I can say I was honored to be asked to help out with this, it brings to light a need for all of us to do something to help others. Also a great person we had lost this year, Tina Downey... who had helped in the first year of this drive... so I was thrilled to be asked by "M. J. Joachim" that she was going to keep this going...

A bright spirit shines down on us, smiling that our efforts don't go unnoticed.. remember we can do something and we should do something... so please COMMENT/SHARE/HELP!

Be Safe, Be Well... Hug Someone you think might need it and please, GIVE... thank you!


So here is the information:

2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive
December 4 - 6, 2014
Everywhere on the World Wide Web
Hosted by Effectively Human

Goal: To help fill our local food bank shelves, so as many people as possible can get the food they need.

How? Promote local food banks via sharing their websites on our social network sites, profiling them in our writing, sponsoring activities for them and volunteering to help them in any way we can.

For 3 days we want to saturate the web with anything food bank and hunger related to raise awareness about hunger and help feed those in need.

Why? Because people are hungry, food banks need our support and we want to help.

I am everywhere: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, HOWLIN’ WOLF: OLM and HBA [HORROR SITES]. Last visit MY T-SHIRTS STORE at NEATORAMA something always going on and it is one click away!


  1. MJ sent me the links so I could plug it as well. Awesome she is continuing it in honor of Tina. And you did a great job with the graphic - as always!

  2. Bless you Jeremy for this. I wish you a happy Monday, sir.

  3. This is a wonderful cause and she is still missed by many.

  4. A great plan. We already participated in two drives before Thanksgiving and we'll be doing more in the coming weeks.

  5. So glad we get to work on this together again this year, Jeremy! Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and amazing logo! Looking forward to saturating the Internet with everyone!

  6. I always give to food drives. A worthy cause.

  7. You never cease to amaze me, which is stupid of me, s I should be used to it by now.


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